Collision Investigation & CCTV Analysis


Hague Forensic Ltd provides collision investigation expert reports for pedestrian, motorcycle and vehicle collisions, including analysis of CCTV footage.

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Collision Investigation

Collision investigation reports are provided in accordance with Criminal or Civil Procedure Rules as appropriate. These can either be desktop reports, or include a locus inspection, with photographs showing the viewpoints of the respective parties and a scale plan on which their approach and post-impact movements can be shown.

Calculation of vehicle speeds forms the basis of most collision investigation reports, either using traditional physical evidence or CCTV footage. Once the speeds of the parties have been calculated, their approach positions can be reconstructed in order to assess mutual visibility and likely outcomes under different approach speeds or driver/pedestrian response.

In addition to standard techniques, we use computer software to assist in the calculation of speeds and to investigate or demonstrate other aspects, such as whether or not a driver’s view of a pedestrian was obstructed by intervening vehicles.

A large proportion of our collision investigation reports now include CCTV analysis. We have bespoke CCTV test equipment and specialist computer software for the reconstruction of collisions from CCTV footage and can perform advanced analysis to extract “hidden” time information. Computer simulation software allows CCTV images to be overlaid with a computer model of the scene, which in some cases provides a more accurate calculation of vehicle speeds than is possible from manual methods.

If you are unsure whether a full collision investigation report is required, we can examine the available evidence and provide an initial indication of our findings.

An estimate of our time scales and fees can be provided upon request.

Please contact us to see if we can assist.